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What it means to us: The RPM Challenge

By:Philip Barton February for many Newfoundland and Labradorians remains just another dull haze of snow squalls and time to file taxes. For local music fans, it has a different meaning. For them, it means strange sounds, spurs of creativity and a collection of projects to devour with freinds. The rpm challenge represents a profoundly significant…

Patrick Boyle Brings His Sweet Trumpet Back The Island

Written By: Rebecca Blake  Edited By: Philip Barton Dr Patrick Boyle is an Associate Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of Victoria. Playing on over 50 releases and Composing 3 solo albums, his trumpet playing as put Newfoundland on the map in the jazz world; Playing Carnegie Hall, Newport Folk Festival, Rochester International Jazz Festival, Mariposa Folk Festival, Sound Symposium, SXSW and many more. We had the absolute pleasure of speaking to him about music and his upcoming show. He’s playing Memorial…

Selling You: How To Be A Professional Musician

As musician’s many of us wonder why careers are not going the way we want them to, why we don’t have a million dollars, why we don’t drive sports cars; we find ourselves spending most of our days pulling out our hair wondering why nobody is noticing our music? It could be any number of things from your look, you’re playing ability, even your location; most times its never as simple as you suck. I have comprised a list of techniques that might not make you a superstar but it might get you steady work.