Allagash is releasing a album and it’s heavy

On may 6th Allagash is releasing their new album “Cryptic Visions” the forthcoming album is filled with political themes and commentary on modern society. One of Newfoundlands biggest up and coming metal bands they use an 80s metal sound and poignant lyrics of grand conspiracies, aliens, and modern politics to set them apart from other would-be shredders. These exterritorial rockers have achieved lot with the successful release of their ep “Canadian Encounters” it took them around the world sharing the stage with the likes of Voivod and Anvil and signing a distribution deal with Raw Skulls of the Netherlands. We had a chance to discuss with them the new album they were fully in character, so we did not get much when it comes to serious answers but there are some priceless gems in there. 


We use high technology to produce stellar sounds. Our cosmic wisdom is beyond your feeble human comprehension.


This album seems to have a more political slant what brought that on?

Throughout the years we’ve had many political leaders. Some with good motives others not so much. Sometimes their motives don’t seem humane. We question these so-called leaders. The greatest leader we’ve ever had was assassinated for trying to end wars. Wars are lucrative operations. The powers that be want the war machine ever turning. Is this humanity?  

Any fun stories from the road? 

Yeah, man, we are always on the road. Saw this chick chop off 3 guys heads at a gig once. You got to watch those tarakians. 

Privacy invaders is about the dangers of the internet and its lack of privacy. What made you want to write about that? 

and why did you think it is important to talk about the dangers of social media and the privacy invasion that is the internet? Very little is experienced these days away from your phone or some kind of connection. Shows and the majority of things are now seen through websites and apps. I think we are being studied and manipulated in more ways than we know. Who knows who is watching you and what you do.  

What was the recording process? what goals did you have for this project? 

We use high technology to produce stellar sounds. Our cosmic wisdom is beyond your feeble human comprehension. We use ancient Sumerian wisdom combined with relics of Sobey. 

Who designed your album cover? 

Chris Rallis did the cover. Shon Vincent did the layout. Both outstanding specimens of the human species.  

What was it like playing with Canadian Metal icons such as Voivod and Anvil?

 We have joined forces with Anvil and Voivod in our conquest of this planet. They have been spreading the ancient language of heavy metal long before we arrived, and we feel the people of earth are prepared for our invasion.  

You use several vocal samples throughout what are their significance to the album? 

Samples are from various witnesses to UFO phenomenon. It is harder to hide these days; many people have seen the truth.  

What were you looking to improve from your last project?

 Our last project contained only 4 tracks. This was simply an encounter of the first kind. We now offer a full encounter, with 8 tracks including a 15-minute spectral aura. 

What equipment do you use? What amp’s, guitars, basses, and cymbals? 

Our weaponry is far more sophisticated than your planet’s primitive tools. We cannot reveal our advanced techniques for fear they could be used against us.  

What is the track your most proud of writing on this album? 

They are all necessary to forward our agenda.  

Any other information you would like us to share?

 Follow us, or be destroyed. 

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