Here Comes Treble: The Closing of Valhalla Tavern and the Start of Treble Lounge


Photo courtesy of Ricohardt Von Pyres

The Vikings of George Street may have to find a new place to spend their time, as the metal bar Valhalla Tavern has technically closed its door. While the bar/music venue tucked under Distortion on Holdsworth Court is open, things are a little different now. What was once known as the previously mentioned Valhalla Tavern is now going by the name Treble Lounge.

So why the changes? The answer is pretty simple, a change in management taking the venue in a new direction. This isn’t the first time this location has changed the name, previously this spot was known by various names, like The Levee, which was the name before Valhalla Tavern. According to the Facebook page, the change came about after two of the three owners were no longer involved. These were also the two that wanted the name to be Valhalla Tavern and have the establishment branded as a metal bar. Now the remaining owners see fit to change and appearance to something more fitting of their diverse interests.

Photo of Dumpster Mummy at Valhalla Tavern courtesy of James Keats

With the name change considered, many may be left wondering if there will be any other drastic changes in regards to the venue itself and the type of music and entertainment provided. With it being only a brief time since the changeover it may be too early to tell but with the listed upcoming events there isn’t a huge difference, just a more varied line up of events. With the new addition of Funk’d Up Thursdays (Thursday nights devoted to funk music), comedy shows, trivia nights, and an upcoming emo night hosted by No Sleep Promotions it still feels like the same venue, but open to more opportunities. They are keeping Valhalla’s drag performances which is something that the venue has become known for, and has many fans.

Photo courtesy of Treble Lounge Facebook page

While it is unfortunate to see the venue go through such a change not too long after opening under the banner of Valhalla Tavern it is interesting to see the new directions being taken under the Treble Lounge name. One thing that will hopefully remain the same is the amount of all ages shows. Both The Levee and Valhalla were known as spots for all ages shows, being many people’s first experience with the local scene. With any luck, Treble will continue the tradition of being a spot for people either underage or people who don’t want to be out long into the night to take in some local music. Valhalla Tavern had a short but sweet run on The Deck, and now the future looks bright for Treble Lounge.

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