Back For Another Spin: Speculation for the Second Record Fair NL

For all music collectors/enthusiasts in St. John’s and surrounding area, come out and beat the post-Halloween blues with Record Fair NL Fall 2018. Being held on November 3rd at the Holiday Inn from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, it’s going to be a Saturday full of crate digging for music from all styles and formats. It’s going to have everything for everyone, from the hardcore collectors to people just looking for their favourite’s.

 The previous Record Fair NL which happened during the summer was an absolute blast, and most who attended will surely be back again. With rows and rows of vendors selling not just vinyl, but CD’s, Cassettes, and all other types of music memorabilia there was always something to draw your attention. Event management was top-notch, with a well thought out room layout for the Legion on Blackmarsh Road, allowing for relative ease when going through the crowded room, and helpful staff who were pleasant and welcoming to all who showed up.

  One of the most exciting things for this year is the change of venue. While the Legion was a nice place to hold the event and there was great room management the crowd at times was too big for the room. Also, the smaller parking lot was troublesome for those driving. With the move to the Holiday Inn, there will be a much larger area for those in the record fair and their vehicles outside.

  The vendors are another reason to come down and check out the fair. With 40 tables full of merchandise from various vendors you’re bound to find something you have to have. With a mix of established businesses like Sunrise Records and Flip Side, to well-known names within the Newfoundland vinyl community, you’re dealing with experienced sellers who know what they’re doing.

  One thing that will be interesting to see is it will match the variety of music that was there last year. It was a pleasant surprise to go in and see so many kinds of music available. It wasn’t boxes of old records that you’d find at a thrift store with the occasional decent find, there was everything, including rock, hip-hop, industrial, jazz, folk, metal, punk, experimental, and just about everything else. The anticipation of just seeing what the selection will be is enough to spark interest in anyone looking to add to their collection.

  As a follow up to last year’s fantastic event, Record Fair NL Fall 2018 is looking to be just as good if not better. With the updated venue, promising vendor list, and a crazy amount of music to browse and buy, things couldn’t be looking better, but it doesn’t stop there. A day’s worth of family fun with activities for the kids, ATM on site, and free parking all for the low admission price of $2, how can you go wrong?



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