Spencer Brake gives us all the details on the second YCNL Summit


YCNL Summit is an event run by the rap community for the rap community, a brainchild of a facebook group for Newfoundland hip-hop called Youth Culture Nl and a local hip-hop label called Modem. The goal of the event is to give the community a platform, events like this are important cause they help nurture new artist and give them an opportunity to perform for a bigger audience. I sat down with Spencer Brake one of the creators behind the event to talk about the event.

Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Spencer Brake. Born in St. John’s, June 1994. I’ve been making music for going on 10 years and really love the music scene in town.

Q: What is Modem?

A: Modem is the hybridization of a record label and a place for the incubation of talent. Our goals are to seek out the musically inclined and work cooperatively with them to better their abilities, give them access to better services and distribute their music to the global streaming platforms.

Q: How did you get into music?

A: I have been playing the Piano my whole life and can play around a little on a handful of instruments but I got into dance music originally after hearing the Bloody Beetroots and The Crookers in 2009. I downloaded a trial version of FL Studio and toyed for days, putting together terribly crafted dance tracks. Fast forward two years later, we’re at Avicii’s Levels and being a DJ/Producer combo is the cool thing to do. I, of course, went with it and played handfuls of House parties, field parties even formed a province-touring, professional-show-opening DJ/Production duo over that period of 6 years. I’ve grown out of the DJing to an extent in the present day, but the love for music never changed so in October 2017, myself and Alex Doyle started We Ain’t Spoke with the aim of becoming synonymous with the Hip-hop production scene in Newfoundland.

Q: What are your goals for Modem?

A: I’d like to see Modem on an international scale, finding and developing talent from across the globe… But Newfoundland is a great place to start!

Q: How did the youth culture summit start?

A: YCNL Summit is a culmination effort between the parties of Youth Culture NL (Cody Winsor) and Modem (myself, Alex Doyle & Andrew McDonald).

Q: Why is important to run events like this?

A: I believe it is important to host these kinds of events because it gives everyone an equal playing field and platform to perform to a larger scale audience and venue with a somewhat “professional” production and vibe (we are by no means experts but we wanna make sure everyone enjoys themselves!) 

I have always lived by the idea that the only way to get better at something is to surround yourself with those of a higher calibre and for some Summit is exactly that. It’s a chance to better one’s performance ability, crowd control, mic etiquette, stage presence, you name it!

For others, it’s simply a sharpening of their skills and bravado; a showcasing of what they got kinda deal.
It’s a beautiful thing if you ask me!

Q: What role does the internet play in making events like this happen?

The internet is the future of all promotional mediums. We are on the doorstep of what is to come in sense of advertisement via the Internet. Without being able to spread the word online, we wouldn’t have much interest I don’t think 

Q: What’s the future of the summit?

A: The future of Summit is hopefully a real headling import act from somewhere outside of Newfoundland to make it a real rager of a night. The future of Summit is… More Summits!

Q: What other information would you like to be mention?

A: Look for the music video for our recent single “Electric Body” coming to streaming services and YouTube very soon.




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