Month: May 2018

Selling You: How To Be A Professional Musician

As musician’s many of us wonder why careers are not going the way we want them to, why we don’t have a million dollars, why we don’t drive sports cars; we find ourselves spending most of our days pulling out our hair wondering why nobody is noticing our music? It could be any number of things from your look, you’re playing ability, even your location; most times its never as simple as you suck. I have comprised a list of techniques that might not make you a superstar but it might get you steady work.

I hope you have time to listen to ‘Time Enough’ the new album from ‘The Once’

The Once, last project We Win Some We Lose blew us away with its complete sonic change, presenting a mix of Rheostatic’s style alternative country and Sigur Ros style ambient electronics. This project is no different, changing their sonic sound once again, completely catching us off guard with the 70’s style of the first track I can’t live without you giving doobie…