‘Tony Delicious’ on his new project ‘Ghost’

I saw ‘Tony Delicious’ perform for two people at the hip-hop showcase for MUSICNL I experienced one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen giving it everything he had like he was filling out seats at mile one. His larger then life personality and laid back rhymes have awarded him a cult-like following. He has had a busy year releasing four eps wasted time, couch surfing, S.A.D EP, ghostboi .  That’s why a lot of where surprised when he said he was dropping another one.His upcoming project ghost includes a laundry list of features including NLs own Mak11, Reggie Morales & Albert Dalton as well as underground hip hop legend DJ LUCAS.  So this is the interview I had with Tony about the upcoming project.

What was your inspiration going on this project?

Going into this project my main inspiration came from looking over my past eps & projects from 2016 & 2017 and wanting to develop everything I’ve been working on, mixing & matching different sounds & techniques I’ve tried over the last little while. After a successful year in 2017, a few tracks off some of my projects gained a decent bit of steam, so I tried to reflect on what made those tracks special and did it 10 more times for Ghost. Another major inspiration recently has been the bubbling underground hip-hop scene online as well as locally. Artist like Pouya, DJ Lucas, Lil Peep(Rip) and others who’ve blown up from online success in the last couple years doing there own thing really inspire me to keep going. 

What inspired you to start rapping?

I’ve been influenced by Rap & Hip Hop culture since I was a kid, I remember my cousin getting Eminem’s Encore for Christmas in 2004. We listened to the clean versions of the singles and from that day it’s been the main genre I’ve listened to. I remember having rap battles as a joke at my grandmother’s house under the instruction of that same cousin & continuing to try and write parody versions of songs at age 10. My main inspiration to start creating my own serious material was simply a love for the music and wanting to see the culture develop here, the absence of something that matters so much to me always made me feel like an outcast and that what I liked wasn’t important. So one new years eve at age 12 I managed to put together a song 3 verses and a hook I recorded it on my family laptop and from that day the negative reactions I got to my first songs still fuels me to keep pushing myself to evolve my style and continuing growing my brand


What is your writing process?

In the last few months, I’ve found I have really 
locked into the writing process, starting early in the am I dig for content i .e. cartoons, sports news, hip hop news really anything you hear me reference gets absorbed in the days or hours before I lock into making a track.Once I feel I’m ready to write I look for beats that catch me in the moment, I find early in the morning your brain reacts faster without hesitation so if I hear a beat and immediately feel some heat coming I almost always follow through. A lot of the time I start with a hook to keep a theme present in my writing but if I’m just trying to really go in with bars I start with a few lines I’ve saved up that didn’t fit previous songs but had enough impact to be noted. After I finish the first verse and the hook I hit the booth and record, then finish the rest while recording to feed off my own energy.

What equipment do you use?

My setup includes Mac desktop, M-Audio interface, fairly standard diaphragm microphone & Sennheiser studio headphones.Its to be noted all of my music is mixed and mastered by Har Soul so he really deserves the credit for the clarity & fine tuning on my tracks. 
Har Soul Pictured Here

What software do you use?

Logic has really been the only software I’ve used for music recently, but I also do a lot of my own visual work in photoshop.
What advice do you have for other rappers on the come up?
Honestly, the biggest advice I can give to anyone on the come up is a focus. Own your brand don’t worry about everyone else, build a look , visual content  , a personality people can connect with and of course never stop practicing ,writing & performing even if  its rapping with your buddies having confidence when you hit the stage is huge, people love to see a new act come out and body there set or drop an absolute banger when they’re coming out , its all about being self aware and working on yourself .

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