Our Top Three Albums Of The Year


Here are our staff’s picks for top three albums of the year. We tried to select a wide range of musical styles to better demonstrate what Newfoundland has to offer. This year was an excellent year for debuts, lots of fresh faces pop up every year but this year, in particular, had a surplus of promising talent . We don’t delve into reviewing each and every track in this article we just highlighted what we like about each album and the standout tracks. Don’t be hurt if your pick didn’t make it be sure to comment your favourite album on our facebook page, twitter and comment below.

Already Dead Vol 1: Already Dead

“Already Dead’s” debut effort “Already Dead Vol 1” reminds me a lot of “Wutang Clan’s” first album.Rarely a chorus just plain bars and swagger. What they were able to accomplish on this album, in my opinion, is going to be a classic for years to come. From the hardest beats, you will ever hear, a punk song halfway through the album and the rhyme crafting of Albert Dalton, Reggie Morales, Mike Moyst & Lil Ranch and all the other MCs that end up on this project.Two album highlights are  ‘Paranormal  Activity” and “Patch Chord”

India: Soap Opera 

Soap Opera’s Debut album was not without controversy when it was released in the summer of 2017 originally they were called India after there favourite beer. Many people took offence thinking they were talking about the country. Either way, the album they released is a solid indie pop-rock album with a near-perfect track list. The funky tremolo-laden guitars of Adam Engram and Peter Lannon, the funky bass of Braden Howse, Killer drumming of Jack Etchegary and their ability to write a good riff make this a standout album.  Album highlights are “Play It Cool” and “Highest Tower”.

Emblem: Emblem

“Emblems”  first album is pure unadulterated Metal. It Reminds a lot of “Iron Maiden” the soaring guitar riffs the opera-like vocals, but most of all this album is just fun.Remember when metal was fun when you used to rock out to “Slipknot” and “Metallica” in your room with your spiked wristbands. Standout tracks are “ The Mountain Trail” and “Encased In Stone”.

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